Our Story

The Origin of Due South

Due South offers creative cuisine inspired by the Southern states with an emphasis on in-house smoked meats, locally sourced seafood and farm fresh produce. Located in the historic Lumber Shed building along the new built Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, Due South is one of the latest additions to Navy Yard, the increasingly popular section of Southeast DC.

Chef Rusty Holman has expressed his brand of Southern-inspired food in the DC area since 2007. Chef teamed up with Georgetown Events to launch the iconic Louisiana staple, Bayou, in the West End. Rusty’s open kitchen concept combines subtle international flavors with many classics that produce sophisticated Southern cuisine. Due South is what you’d expect from a chef who has been cooking Southern recipes since he could reach his grandmother’s kitchen counter in North Carolina.

Due South brings with it a little known word from Alabama to DC: larrupin’. The context is simple and one everyone is familiar with. Any time “excellent,” “amazing,” “spectacular,” or “pretty damn good” can be used to describe what you’re eating, consider it larrupin’.

The word’s origin comes from the pleasure that is the simplest, yet most rewarding way to spend a day or evening: exceptional food shared among friends and family. We’re extending to you the same Southern Hospitality we’ve been offering in DC for a long time. Please join us.